what is sin 23.25

    sin 23.25

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    Ezekiel 23:25-29
    Expanded Bible (EXB)
    25 Then ·you will see how strong my anger can be [or I will direct my jealous anger against you] when they ·punish [deal with] you in their anger. They will cut off your noses and ears [C?acts of torture and humiliation]. They will ·take away [seize] your sons and daughters, and those who are left will be ·burned [consumed/devoured by fire]. 26 They will ·take [strip] off your clothes and steal your beautiful jewelry. 27 I will put a stop to the ·sinful life [lewd/obscene behavior] you began when you were in Egypt so that you will not ·desire it [or seek their help; L?lift up your eyes to them] or remember Egypt anymore.

    28 “This is what the Lord God says: You became ·tired of [disgusted with] your lovers, but I am going to hand you over to those men you now hate. 29 They will treat you with hate and take away everything you worked for, leaving you empty and naked. ·Everyone will know about the sinful things you did [L?The nakedness of your prostitution will be uncovered]. Your ·sexual sins [lewdness and promiscuity]


    What do you learn from this, that surely you do not want to be among the cursed ones. Since God does not change, whatever led to people’s being blessed or cursed in the past will lead to the same consequences today. (Mal. 3:6) It is therefore wisdom on your part to take to heart the lessons of the ancient past as found in the Bible.

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