what do you feel when you change your house to live city?

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    Moving to a new place can be stressful and even a little bit frightening...but it is also a time for new beginnings and changes in scenery and people. Try to look forward to moving as a way to start a new chapter in your life...meeting new friends and seeing new places. Get a good map of the new city and become familiar with your neighborhood and the bus routes and main streets and places of interest like landmarks and museums and parks. Have a happy move and be at peace.


    Yo senti un gran alivio y felicidad ya que en la ciudad todo es mas comodo y facil .Todo esta cerca hay mas oportunidades culturales y de ocio vez mas gente te comunicas mas A mi me ha ido muy bien ,no volveria a las afueras de ninguna manera Tambien depende de tu actitud y como veas las cosas MENECA

    I felt a great relief and happiness in the city because everything is more comfortable and easy. Everything is close there are more cultural and leisure opportunities and more people you communicate but me it went very well, would not any outside way also depends on your attitude and how you see things Meneca

    My Tee Shirt words:          MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!   : )

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