"Patience" Is A Virtue

    Hold to that desire when you are seemingly “endlessly waiting” for the moral behavior of a loved one to be improved in your sight. Keep praying to God’s Light to shine, and do remember that it is your thoughts of the other that need to be healed, and that the visibility of the other’s Good, God-like Qualities will be easier for you to believe in and see, if you sincerely practice seeing each small good thing about him or her. Even if all that you can cling to at first is a small politeness to strangers that the person exhibits, or the willingness to loan lunch money to a friend, or the loyalty to a deadline, think on those and cherish them as evidence that you are gazing on another Child of God.

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    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> -Here's some luv I'm sending to you, now. Sealed with a kiss!!!

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    Hey Pamela, does my answer even slightly touch on what your thought invoking question is saying? T.U. for making me thing to hard and if I am close, some luv, too!

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    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - You're are right. The focus is on us in how we "think" of others. I quess some people cross our paths because their is something in our thought pattern needs to be changed, or healed.

    Thank you for being here!!!


    Is it safe to go to Mexico? At any rate, I hope your trip is fun, and enjoyable, most of all, safe!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    You are the deep thinker here. The site would be less intering with out PamelaIam. You are even getting another thumbs up from me. I leave to Mexico for 6 days so any occasional TU will be appreciated.

    So focus on the goodness everyone has a little of and make an effort to befriend that person and you may see a new person with a lot of good in them. You just never gave them the chance to show their better side b/c you had never given him or her the chance to show you their good qualities until you were willing to take the first step and believe in Gods infinite goodness he has bestowed in all of us.

    Very thought provoking and very true. We have to look deep within ourselves first and see the board in our own eye before trying to tell our "brother" about the speck in his eye. For if we work hard to remove the board from our own eye then we are more able to help our "brother" with the speck in his eye.


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - Good answer. We are gazing on another Child of God!!!

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