is a mans wife his chattel

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    NO! Get out of the dark ages. A man's wife is his partner and holds equal status in the family hierarchy.  2013 


    It will be an ugly day when mickmack calls his wife chattle to her face-UGLY, for him, that is!

    chattel |?t?at(?)l|
    (in general use) a personal possession.
    • Law an item of property other than freehold land, including tangible goods (chattels personal) and leasehold interests (chattels real). See also goods and chattels.
    ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French chatel, from medieval Latin capitale, from Latin capitalis, from caput ‘head’. Compare with capital1 and cattle.

    Generally the term “chattel’ has been used to intend inclusion in an estate, and includes live stock, family, friends, wild life, servants, slaves, tools, rigging etc. It’s breath of inclusion resulted in its abandonment as part of conversation and its implied use shifted about in implied meaning until its definitive use was lost in contradictory meaning.  

    If of your wife you said, that she was your chattel (in the 1800s) you would be saying that you had purchased her debts and enslaved her then married her, thus your chattel wife which, at the time was a demeaning thing to admit because it was not that she was your wife so much as a slave by debt who you were sexually abusing, reflecting on your roguishness and her enforced submission to your uncompromising demands

    "Chattel houses” generally means a small moveable house that would be described as a mother-in-law house by todays standards, a mobile home or camper.     

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