What is the most deadly drug?

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    Interesting ROMOS..

    I suggest alcohol, it kills more people than any other except perhaps tobacco.


    I always argue this point- i agree that tobacco kills but so does anything in excess.. I think most of the hype on smoking is a social discomfort- It pisses people off. No valid proof on second hand smoke, there is no way that they can prove this, however, put another log on the fire and smoke haters will go with it. I do agree that alcohol kills, especially whn driving- I think cellphones are a drug too and they are creeping up on all the above in deaths due to not paying attention.

    Thanks, @Vinny...

    OK you two; since the ban on smoking in pubs in Europe the deaths from heart disease heve declined, and childhood asthma also. This last is not connected with pubs obviously but because many parents are making their houses non-smoking.

    HA!! I certainly agree with you about banning smoking in contained spaces, if you were bombarded with perfume everyday in a closed space eventually that would kill you too but there's no 'outside' ban on perfume. t is very toxic! Here in the states, we have ppl grilling outdoors creating black carbon smoke, we have diesel trucks polluting us with their black smoke, we have constant streams of gamma rays from cellphone towers and broadcast stations emitting RF energy, we eat highly poisonous foods like raw fish, we eat pesticides on our fruit and vegetables and the list goes on.. None of the above is challenged and they DO have proof of these toxins. Ironically, tobacco is legal here in the USA for 'human' consumption and approved by the FDA-- Diesel smoke is not approved by the FDA but there is no ban on that and we ingest it daily!! here in the states tobbaco is big business on both sides, from the growers to the manufacturers and finally the lawyers all make tons of money on this. Do you see the hypocrisy?? Once again, I do agree with smoke free closed areas, I don't know how I dealt with it in the past but if i go into a restaurant today, I don't want smoking, I also don't want to see a worker running a vacuum cleaner next to me while i am eating. They do that too and its legal.

    Why? What do you have in mind?


    I was just curious

    My top ten you never heard of. Sodium cyanide is the Jonestown Kool-aid escape plan. Tough going on that one, very painful dying. Cobra venom can kill you but a light dose makes LSD-25 seem like a walk through Disney Land vs Dante’s Inferno in technicolor. Very deadly compounds are generally avoided for obvious reasons. There are many deadly creatures in the world, snakes, mushrooms, puffer fish, and some microscopic life forms like the ones in Florida that can eat your arm off.

    The term, “Most deadly drug” needs some qualification such as "fastest killing drug" or "most number of people killed by” .  Some species of sea snakes are so fast that a person who is bitten won’t have time to get out of the water. I have heard of 3-step snakes….dead in 3 steps. I’ve also heard Black widow spiders are deadly, lots of them around here in the USA.

    Man has got to win the prize for the greatest number of kills.        


    No Splash Back poisonous frog there rg?

    I think Nembutal, illegal in Aus, and the drug often sought by the terminally ill would be right there

    People that die of a drug overdose, usually have more than one drug in their system; some have many. So, it's hard to tell which one did the most damage.


    I cut out sugar over a year ago and I feel very healthy and fresh, for the first 2 - 3 weeks i was an angry moody bugger just like coming off tobacco! 

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