what is the volume of an adult human head?

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    Avg density of a human body is 1010 kg/m^3
    height of a female head is 20.3 cm
    width of a female head is 14 cm
    depth of a female head is 20.3 cm

    Aprox human head as an ellipsoid. volume of ellipsoid is V= (4/3)*pi*a*b*c

    Model human head as an ellipsoid, Volume of human head = 0.024 m^3

    use the bulk density of human body as a head density
    assume head density = 1010 kg/m^3
    thus the weight of human head is 1010*0.024 = 24 kg

    actual real weight of human head ranges between 3.5 to 5.5 kg

    But I know many people whoms head weight is about 10kg

    Volume of ellipsoid is V= (4/3)*pi*a*b*c
    With a,b,c is HALF of the height/width/depth.
    Thus, given your values, volume = 2,9L.

    wow! that's a lot of research ! T Y , Deleted.

    Some interesting reading here.....

    one time I heard the head weighs about 10 lbs; but some people are more big-headed than others. hee hee

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