i like a boy but he doesn't know that what should i do?i'm in year 6

    he's small cute and i really like him and i can't stop thinking about him and i stare at him at school

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    Puppy love. All young girls coming close to the teen years face this. Grade 6 is too soon to worry about having a boyfriend. Boys in grade 6 are still interested in boy stuff and hanging out with the guys, not the girls. Wait a few years until he grows into noticing girls then see if he notices you then.  You are brainwashing yourself into thinking he is more than he is by fixating on him. Concentrate on your school work. There will be time enough for boys once you have your education well in hand.

    Too much staring and obsessing can have a bad effect on anybody. At any age, a SMART gal will pay attention to what NEEDS attention (job, school, for example), and the SMART guy will notice that she is focused on being her best. 

    Dress neatly, brush your teeth, keep your hair and body clean and groomed.  A friendly smile and good eye contact (NOT STARING)  are attractive.  You can be friendly without being silly.

    PLEASE don't have your friends tell him you like him, or talk to HIS friends about your interest in him.  There is NOTHING so full of drama as having "half the world" know your business. 

    You are young, 11.  What happened to sports and music or ballet lessons? Enjoy your crush on your own time, but understand that you (and ALL girls your age) do NOT need a boyfriend for at least 5 years. Group dating is fun, and no one needs to get hurt or compromised.

    You're in year 6. What do you mean by that? Is that your age? How old is he? Chances are, you're not the only one with her sights on him. Just watch out for the "other woman",""or women! Tell him you like him ,but not in front of these 2.


    that is cute. It starts young. I remember having a crush on this boy in kindergarten, adn at circle time, another girl loudly announced that SHE was going to marry him.GGGrrrrr ! :-0

    Keep on talking to him . Go out of your way to talk to him during lunch, or other free time. He'll get the message. Or use the time honored system of getting one of your friends,or one of his friends to tell him you like him.


    P.S. don't do anything serious with him go over to his house when his parents aren't home, or vice versa.

    She is 11, mcm. He doesn't need that kind of news. Kids are "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" at 11 and think they are supposed to be kissing and holding hands and then some. Let's encourage them to be their best in school and enjoy the stuff KIDS should be doing...playing ball, taking music and dance lessons, learning to cook, and (yep, here I go) building a faith foundation.

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