GOD was already their so why did he say " let their be light"

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    According to the story of the creation of the world, as it is written in the book of Genesis, before god said let there be light, there wasn't any light yet.

    because the scripture said   the earth was dark and full of void. So, God lit  it up, like you do a Christmas Tree.


    God was/is Pagan? He lit it up like a Christmas tree? The Pagans invented the decorated tree that you call a Christmas tree and used it during their celebration of THEIR God's birth on Dec. 25. Their God was born 2000 years before your Jesus and their God had a miracle virgin mom too and he preached of love and God to the masses too and he died on a cross too. 2000 years before your God did all the same. Interesting, huh? :)

    it was, also, symbolic. God knew of the sin that would come and He WAS the Light that would enter man's soul and forgive sin and enlighten mankind.


    People hadn't even been create yet but he (God) knew of the sin to come? Really? Well in that case, what a dumb god he was to go ahead and create flawed beings and then punish them for his inability to make a perfect being with no flaws. (This is why junior preachers should not speak. You get things wrong and make your religion look silly.)

    Soul IS the light of God. God does not enter Soul, God is Soul and Soul is God. When you can understand that, then you will know God.

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    whatever status you think I occupy as a preacher I speak the truth. this is one of the great mysteries that the Bible doesn't reveal and many have tried to figure out.

    but we're trying to understand all with a finite mind.

    the fact doesn't change that an infinite and perfect God can create a perfect being with a perfectly free will and because of no flaw in the creation or that same God pushing his creatures to sin, if they have a truly free will then there is that possibility----------------------and they did, and God knew it because he is omniscient...................................and we cannot understand that kind of power.

    mankind sinned of his own volition and deserves punishment.

    mankind's soul is dead without God.

    Adam and Eve, God's perfect creation were indwelt and enlightened by God. after sin man's heart [soul] died. it no longer reflected God.

    if man becomes saved God, spiritually takes up residence in that person and, again he/she reflects God.

    What you speak is your version of what you believe to be the truth. This does not make it actual and absolute truth. It simply works for you and others like you who believe as you do. You are free to believe as you chose but you are not free to promote it here as the absolute truth as we have many religious beliefs on this forum.

    Your explanation of God makes him sound childish and negative. A God of love would not push a Soul to do bad knowing that Soul would do bad (remember you stated that God already knew man would sin before he even created man.) A God of love would not punish a Soul for using the gift of free will that God gave it. That would be a negative God, a God of darkness, a game player. Not a God of love and light.

    No one deserves punishment for the actions of long dead people. A God of love would not hold a grudge for so many thousands of years. That sounds no different than witches of old folk lore who would cast spells on families that would last through all future generations of that family. Only a man's imagination could create such a God.

    "Adam and Eve, God's perfect creation were indwelt and enlightened by God. after sin man's heart [soul] died. it no longer reflected God."

    This? It's just too off the wall to even reply to. Did you make this up? Rhetorical. Of course you did.

    Mankind is saved already for the pure fact that man continues to exist. Through existence, we are saved. God turns away from no Soul as Soul is God and God is Soul. God does not turn away from Itself nor can God punish Itself with damnation. You sir have not found the truth yet, nor have you found God in my opinion.

    when you walk into a dark room, don't you flip the light switch??  isn't that the same thing?? You command the light when you enter.  Flip the switch, 'let there be light'

    What you really need to worry about is if and when God decideds to turn OFF the light..  This should be your concern.

    To give light and energy to IT's creations so that they would not have to exist in darkness. God's light is a different sort of light than the sun gives. When you know God, you will understand the differences of the lights. 


    your last paragraph is filled with 'absolute' statements of fact that you just told me we can't do.

    of course you can........and so can I.


    I can make any statement of fact that I believe !........................and you can reject it and tell me I'm wrong, and silly, and foolish, and making things up, and I don't know God and I don't know Scripture, etc., etc., etc.

    that's debate and I'm fine with it and any site like this should be fine with it or it's not worth much.

    nobody has to believe me or even read what I'm writing.

    can I say the earth is round ?.........................some will still challenge it.


    you are ABSOLUTELY right...............................something isn't true because I say it. no argument there.

    I said that God DID NOT push his creation into sin. but in order for free will to be authentic there has to be real choice..................................why is it impossible to believe a truly free being could also choose sin. if this wasn't REALLY possible then free will isn't free it's illusion.

    God is not guilty. He warned what would happen if sin occurred. and God makes the rules, not you or me. where is the 'game' being played.


    God doesn't use the word grudge. but He says sin doesn't just go away. it only goes away when 'payment' has been made.

    since Adam and Eve stood in principle for 'Man', this creation called 'Man', when they sinned, then, IN PRINCIPLE Mankind sinned . that's all of us, whether we like it or not and our sin must be washed away or we are still in our sin.


    but God is full of Grace and will forgive our sin if we seek Him.


    I can assure you I'm not making ANYTHING up............................if you believe I'm off the wall, fine.

    what is your understanding of our first account is consistent with Genesis.


    Hitler existed.

    are you saying that mere fact gets him into Holy Heaven, without any addressing of his sin ?!

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