Manual for Sanyo DVD-Cassette Combo Model DVD 6000

     Does anyone know where to download the maual for this product? We bought it for the Grandchildren when they were too young to be responsible and now we have over 200 VHS Cassettes to convert to DVD and don't even know if this unit will do the job. We also have a second Combo  Unit-the Dreaded GoVideo DVD-VHS and no manual for it! They have lost all! I will have to buy another unit I suppose, but I will be sure to stay away from these Brands. They have no support. I had a 20 year old Triplett 310 voltage meter, but they not only had a manual to download, but a brand new unit of the same model. I bought it!


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    The Sanyo units typically have instructions installed in the menu section of the player. Using the remote, you should be able to access the player's menu.

    This is all I could find for Govideo > 

    For the triplet meter, you can buy the manual for $20 here >   

    or you can check Triplet's manual page for it > 



    Thanks for the answer but I guess I forgot to mention the the Sanyo DVW 6000 Remote Control was lost with the Manual! I need a remote of it and we are going to try an Universal Remote Control, but I don't have much hope of it being a fully fuctional one-like the one built especially for the unit!

    The universal remote will work.

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