Does age make you wiser?

    I always wanted to know. I am still young but I need your opinion

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    I don't which catergory I should put it on. So I put health..

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    “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”
    ? Groucho Marx


    I have heard of the famous man called "Marx"
    That's actually a nice tip ^^

    You're maybe thinking of Karl Marx, he was a brilliant man.

    I was thinking more of Crocha Marx,

    Chico was the funniest.

    I think Harpo was the best, he had some great lines.

    @Nom.hahaha!What a great duet,Harpo & marcel Marceau.

    Depends on the individual.I know a few middle aged people that are far from wise.Then you have kids that are wise beyond their years.I think it comes down to intelligence, common sense and whatever you have learned from life's experiences.

    One becomes wiser through experience, open-mindedness, and through the heart......

    Wisdom comes from learning. This should be a life long quest and therefore, as you age, you SHOULD become wiser but....


    I Still like playing snowballs,

    So you're still gathering wisdom. :)

    Ducky, you're a poet there!

    Never judge a book by it's cover!!


    Hey dad, that's pretty wise! :)

    Hmmmm .... I think I've heard that before.

    Not always. Most of us learn by making mistakes and having experiences througout life. Some people never learn.

    Older people have experienced more, had more time to hopefully use what they have learned, and more time to better themselves, so all that considered, they can be more wise.  That is if they have the intelligence and opportunity to do all of the above.  Some people do not, luckily not the majority, thus may not become wiser as they age. 

    Yes !!

    Its all about experience .

    Not always.


    I agree with you Shootah.

    I like the idea of reincarnation because it agrees with the progressive advancement.  My parents, however did not believe in reincarnation  and preferred the idea that each generation was less able to cope with life….diminishing faculty. Reincarnation awareness is a gift you give yourself of experiences & awareness as a collective part of yourself ….that could be called wisdom. But it is not easy to assimilate such collections of reality and maintain a perspective in the present without help. When I was a child I thought all old people were wise. Now that I am a senior confronted with kids who are convinced their ability to use three syllables should enable them to enter college and teach there…I cannot help but to wonder where I went wrong.                  



    Geez I hope so.I'm 65 (Today in fact).I'd hate to think I've come this far without collecting a little wisdom.


    I'll announce it!

    Wow...ever old! lol

    Yes I'm officially a pensioner (Or part pensioner anyway)as from today.:)

    Happy Birthday Tommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ohhh that`s seriously cool Tommy!:-)..Very Happy Belated birthday to you!:-)..Hope you had a Brilliant day!Xxx

    I'm right behind you, Tommy.. Just turned 64
    Happy Birthday !

    Age makes people wiser, from there past experience, but at the same time, we never stop learning

    Age doesn't make you wiser but it does make you older. It's life's lessons that are learned, that will hopefully make you wiser as you age. My Grandfather, who lived to the age of 104, always said, "You never stop learning until the day you die.".


    And how right he was!

    wow so deep... he has my respect already!! ^^

    ~Age makes you another day older and deeper in debt ~


    lol its..Oh so true;-) xx

    Yes! Very true!

    thank you, Tennesee Ernie Ford.

    thank you, mycatsmom. : ) Do you ever use your first name? What do you like to be called?

    juliana ... what a pretty name. : )

    thank you , Susan. I was named after Queen Juliana , of the Netherlands :-) . May she RIP

    yes i would say so going through life i think you learn lots of things the younger generation now think they know everything but they know nothing never go to school or work so how do they get educated it is so sad but every day young ones are taking drugs drinking and they get no help from the state this makes me very angry why maybe if helped lots of them through time could get better


    Agree with you a lot, and I'm young. Though I don't take drugs, hate em! And school is awesome

    As you accumulate years, you will see and experience many situations. You will also observe others, will read and study and learn stuff...a vast amount of stuff.  Do you become wiser because of those things? Not sure, but I think a wise person uses the information around him to make rational, logical, sensible conclusions about life. Using those conclusions to live a happy, successful life is wisdom. 


    Qh you are so right Bob.We have an old saying."Once bitten,twice shy".You learn from your (&other peoples) mistakes.

    We should, but most of us think we can do something another couldn't. "I know John jumped off a cliff and broke his leg, but I know it won't happen to me." Right, you will break both and an arm, too.
    Sigh. Don't get me started.

    It made Bud wiser! ""


    That was funny and smart

    It definitely helps you realize how much you don"t know. You know more things, but how you use them is what makes you wiser.

    While you grow up you learn right?And when you learn new things, they make you smarter, right?Theres your answer.

    I think varies of the kind of person. Some just get older and have just their mind, some regret and take a good lesson for the past ,present and for the future.

    No,  absolutely not !  Experience  makes you wiser. 


    but when u grow up, u experience more right?

    The answer is no. Just look at all the  fools that voted for obama !


    That was a majority of the voting public without respect to age.

    If they don't learn from their mistakes , they are not wiser.

    I don't know about wiser, but age makes you more knowlegeble, more experienced, and hence, more self confident. if wiser means more seasoned, and more experienced then yes. If you want to know something, ask us older people. We've seen it all, adn done it all.


    what you have answered is in wiser catagory!

    , Whatever that means.

    l'age ne fait rien, il suffit d'y croire aimer le jour la nuit , la nature prendre soin de son corps

    pas trop manger , juste une fois par jour,faire son courrier, et vogue la galère, j'aime la vie 

    age does not matter, just believe love day night, the caring nature of his body

    not overeat, just once a day, to his post, and come what may, I love life

    Age makes you wiser; smarter. it also rips off youthfulness from your skin and body.!!!

    So be wiser take care of your health. :) :D


    hahaha thannks I'll think about that
    next time

    Why is youth wasted on the on the young - Oscar may have been right !

    No,age does not make you wiser,,if you go through life without doing anything or achieving anything,,then you will learn nothing,and there are people in this world that never leave their suburb,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I think it does, you learn to be one step ahead of some people, and you can't trust everyone unfortunately.   But you never stop learning .

    Charlie Chang,once said once you are in a hole stop digging,

    Every mistake

    Every good/bad experience

    Every book,schooling,business,employment, social interaction, prayer etc will have involved decision. THEresult of that, good or bad will make you wiser.

    As you age you get a chance to experience more than a younger person until he observes and follows the older person or will think he/she know it all and experience themselves. The older person is wiser because of experience and is still learning new situations.

    So yes age makes you wiser and choices are in your hands.



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