what does it mean when a girl is in love with two guys

    she's dating one guy but the other guy is her best friend and they flirt. but her boyfriend doesnt know whats going on between them

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    Crashley, it seems that this behavior will end with a fiery crash for your romance!  Hence your name, huh?

    Umm maybe the boyfriend should talk to his girlfriend and if he doesn't believe her then he should break-up (no sense in staying in a relationship with no trust)

    What it means is, she is not worth the time or effort of either of them, and anyone coming along afterwards. I say this, as it seems she wants a boyfriend and evidently someone on the side, which is a behavior she will repeat on anyone. Run now while you can, before she starts looking for her next!

    I think in this case she must take a decision by her heart, she must open her heart to someone who love her really, she must know that``It takes no time to fall in love but it takes you years to know what love is.

    I just say she's opened minded, it's good that her "likes" aren't confined to one only especially at her age......

    In my opinion it could mean trouble..choose before you lose..meaning make a decision before it's made for you..PS it sounds like your still just a kid so take your time growing up !!

    Got a dream boy,got a song,

    Paint your wagon,& come along....


    Is this your friend or is it you?  Every one sounds very young to me.

    Well I got two lovers and I ain't ashamed, two lovers and I love them both the same. (MW)



    Yes, good, Mary Wells! But not the answer for this young woman, me thinks...

    It probably means that the girl is very young and has not yet learned what real love is all about. I'm guessing that they are both cute!

    two timer

    Maybe her friend and her, are just playing.Or, she duh two-timer.

    There is such a thing as friendly flirting. It does not have to mean anything other than the two people are close enough to feel comfortable with each other to pretend flirt, laugh and remain simply close friends. You may be reading more into it than is actually there. 


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