what does the word apoplectic mean?

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    Someone who is apoplectic is not just mad — they're so filled with rage, they can barely communicate. If your mother is apoplectic, you better hope it isn't over something you did.
    Apoplectic comes from a Greek word that means to "disable by a stroke." What is a stroke? The sudden loss of consciousness or control caused when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures or becomes blocked. When this happens, a person becomes apoplectic. This word also applies to someone who acts so upset, it is like he or she is having a stroke. 



    apoplectic sentence examples
    Apoplectic with rage!
    He went apoplectic & said " i am a labor mp!
    Apoplectic fits, laura.
    Almost apoplectic with rage he told the guys in the butts to hang on a minute and threw the telephone to the floor.
    Politicians will dismiss a rise in crime figures as " mostly traffic offenses " , whilst becoming quite apoplectic about car theft and joyriding.
    Apoplectic seizure with violent pains in the head.
    Who is positively apoplectic if someone answers their phone during dinner?

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