Is "Shake Weight" A Good Effective Way For Toning Muscles?

    I have been using the shake weight for about a week. Seems like it's alright but I want to know if it's worth my effort. Any input would be helpful.

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    Good question. I bet a lot of people are wondering about the shake Wt. and how to tone up. Thumbs up, luv!

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    If you really want to tone do a circuit set work out with 2 minutes between sets. Start of slow and gradually build up to 3 sets of each circuit machine the fitness center has. Also watch your diet, that is around 50% of what it takes. Low complex carbs and lean meat. See the South Beach or Atkins diet for more info on a low carb diet. Good luck. you will do it.


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - Thanks! I work-out at home, have any recommendations?

    Hi I know a lady who has one and she has lost weight but left with saggy skin so not sure if it will actually tone muscles but they do say people who fidget alot or shiver alot get tones quickly. Also drink very cold water. The body has to burn far more energy to keep warm. And energy exertion tones muscles.


    <a href="/users/797/rushie54/">@Rushie54</a> - Thanks for the info, very helpful. Why was she left with saggy skin?

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