Sometime, do you have problems to control yourself when you do something?

    Sometime i can`t control my emotions, sometime i don`t want to cry but tears tears fall on my face, sometime i don`t want to laugh but i burst out laughing, sometime i don`t want to harm and disappointment the others but happen spontaneously then i just cry in myself etc.

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    We are humans sometimes we can not control things often destiny can lead us down a path that we can not control.
    In most situations I am in control, because I chose to control the situation I am in for example I have chronic pain so I use tools to manage it, doesnt always work but I try it anyway.
    It's good to cry and release emotions, it's good to feel pain and sadness. Makes you a human just like the rest of us. When your feeling sad write in a journal and then read back on it a few days later.
    When you get older things will make a lot more sense and you will breeze through certain things because of the way you feel today.
    Always remember you are a first rate version of yourself not a second rate version of someone else..
    Your unique :)

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