Who are the smartest people in the world

    I would like to nominate the Swiss. They stayed out of two world wars dispite their geographical location. They have one of the strogest economies in Europe, based on their banking and financial service industry, and the only thing their army is famous for, is having a pocket knife named after it.

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    Those who mind theire own business. Just kidding.

    Correct, we are after all from New England and that's what we do best!

    I lived there once what a wonderful place thats new england I love the fall still remember it its a Artists dream
    Those of us on akaQA, of course......

    Good one
    It might not be smarts like we identify it. I think the Swiss just have a lot of common sense. Their Banking system has protected them because no one wants to bomb someone who has all their money.
    Old people, they have been here the longest and experienced much history and gained much knowledge that they would love to share..

    Unless you are talking about smartest in any one field..

    The Swiss haven't been in a war for over 200 years quite possibly because they are in an area that has no real resources and difficult to get to. (alps) One must wonder though, the fear the Swiss may have felt knowing Italy/Germany and Allied forces surrounding them in WW2.
    The 18 Smartest People In The World
    Some of them may surprise you.

    High IQ' don't always mean smart. Logic and common sense play a factor too. I've heard that an overly high IQ could drive a person insane. I'll have to google and see if that's verified.
    PEOPLE that did not vote for obama
    Although Christian, I have always been in support of Israel. I, at times question their wisdom in regards to all of it's neighbors. An example should have been made to one of the of them in the form of dropping the "Big one". They are bombed daily, and know the source. Who would fault them for taking out the people who kill their innocent citizens? 911. Wish I was PM for a week, that part of the world would look like an ashtray.
    Your description of the Swiss could have easily described Canadians except that Canucks DO CHOOSE to go to war when the cause is just.

    Canadians also believe that if you need medical attention, you should not have to go broke paying for it or have to sue your insurance provider to cough up the dough.That's why Universal Healthcare was introduced in the early 70's.

    Smart AND compassionate people. I vote Canadians. ( Australians are a close second )
    The inventors of this amazing piece of equipment they call a computer.
    I am. I have a high IQ.

    I'm telling the truth.

    its certainly NOT some of the English if this lasts weeks events are anything to go wonder were the laughing stock of Europe,so i dont know what the answer IS but i sure as heck what it isnt!!!!

    The people who don't think they are are usually the ones with the most up stairs!! Unassuming type people!
    Colleen, obviously.

    Moderator I'm not. I just google.

    nomdeplime, you sound like a lick ass to me.
    I do not know truly I guess I am not one of them that is for sure.
    If your refering to a nation I would say Chinese over the course of history

    You must be kidding or you are a chinese.

    No I'm not chinese what I was refering to was many things the chinese people have invented in the course of their history if your interested check it out

    Actually the questioner's guess is pretty good.  The Swiss actually rank 11th in overall IQ in the world.  Below is the detail:


    Countries with the highest average IQ:



    1 Hong Kong 107
    2 South Korea 106
    3 Japan 105
    4 Taiwan 104
    5 Singapore 103
    6 Austria 102
    7 Germany 102
    8 Italy 102
    9 Netherlands 102
    10 Sweden 101
    11 Switzerland 101
    12 Belgium 100
    13 China (PRC) 100
    14 New Zealand 100
    15 United Kingdom 100
    16 Hungary 99
    17 Poland 99
    18 Spain 99
    19 Australia 98
    20 Denmark 98
    21 France 98
    22 Norway 98
    23 United States 98
    24 Canada 97
    25 Czech Republic 97
    26 Finland 97
    27 Argentina 96
    28 Russia 96
    29 Slovakia 96
    30 Uruguay 96
    31 Portugal 95
    32 Slovenia 95
    33 Israel 94
    34 Romania 94
    35 Bulgaria 93
    36 Ireland 93
    37 Greece 92
    38 Malaysia 92
    39 Thailand 91
    40 Croatia 90
    41 Peru 90
    42 Turkey 90
    43 Indonesia 89
    44 Suriname 89
    45 Colombia 89
    46 Brazil 87
    47 Iraq 87
    48 Mexico 87
    49 Samoa 87
    50 Tonga 87
    51 Lebanon 86
    52 Philippines 86
    53 Cuba 85
    54 Morocco 85
    55 Fiji 84
    56 Iran 84
    57 Marshall Islands 84
    58 Puerto Rico 84
    59 Egypt 83
    60 India 81
    61 Ecuador 80
    62 Guatemala 79
    63 Barbados 78
    64 Nepal 78
    65 Qatar 78
    66 Zambia 77
    67 Republic of the Congo 73
    68 Uganda 73
    69 Jamaica 72
    70 Kenya 72
    71 South Africa 72
    72 Sudan 72
    73 Tanzania 72
    74 Ghana 71
    75 Nigeria 67
    76 Guinea 66
    77 Zimbabwe 66
    78 Congo 65
    79 Sierra Leone 64
    80 Ethiopia 63
    81 Equatorial Guinea 59

    terryfossil 1

    New Zealand at 14 and Aussie at 19...surely somebody got that wrong...??????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<...

    am i allowed to say women or is that just being flippant??But then again,how many ladies here would agree?!!!!!! :)

    You can't talk about the smartest people as for a nationality. You may do that with the wisest people, and my answer is Jewish people.

    The Schweitzers as you suggest for the reasons you too suggested.

    the prople who use this site to help others and the people who ask legitimate questions

    Amos Anderson

    WOMAN WOMAN. I SHOULD KNOW "Was a smart man . NOW I "DRIBBLE" can only say "YES DEAR"

    My answer is Canadian people cause we are all mix with many other nation and culture that get us ahead of other nation not wanting to change to better living stander.


    The USA is all mixed with people from other nations too. We are advanced in science, medicine and weapons because we got all the smart people from Russia and Germany defecting to our soil over the course of the 2 world wars. They still flock to our shores.

    Don't forget the Romanians please :)
    terryfossil 1

    if that was all true,,then why do USA and Canada and Russia sit at 23,24,28 in the world..below the smaller populated countries like New Zealand and Australia..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

    Take a look here!

    I think many people are very smart, based on what they have been taught, programmed with, and/or brain-washed into by their environment. If they have been taught in a dumb stupid manner with wrong information. They might appear dull. Even they know something is wrong. If they were lucky enough to have a prosperous environment their natural genius will emerge. Look at Mozart and Aretha Franklin. Both heard music very early. Both became genius and prodigies.








    Mostly true except for Aretha Franklin. Ugh. :)

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