Do you know anybody how to close forever the ``Ask a question`` forever because i lose time? Please give me a answer.

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    What is Ask a question?

    Is that ````.This network that iam in.

    That is a webpage. You do not have to be here if you choose not to.

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    Jersy, you said recently that your mom would prefer if you did not come onto this site as it is taking your time away from your studies.I understand that totally.You can hide akaQA by right clicking on the button, select hide/show and unchecking the akaQA logo.


    Her mom could always put a parental lock on the computer and add akaQA to the list of sites to be blocked.

    jersy, I’m not sure what you mean. I will say this: I like to be here so very much that I have a hard time leaving akaqa. I’m drawn to it. Is that what you mean?



    Oh well, sometimes we learn important stuff. Other times we just play. I’m going to risk my time and stay. I hope you stay too! : )

    jersy, meet itsmee. akaQA's very own cheerleader, lol She loves pin wheels :)

    I look out my kitchen window and I see a great big pinwheel in what used to be my flower bed. It perks up the weeds. Thank You, Miss Colleen.

    Jersy,  you have been a really positive influence on this website, asking questions that promote self-examination.  I appreciate your sensitivity and the time you have put here.  If it IS affecting your study time, you do need to set limits, in conjunction with Mom's wishes.  I know that I have a HORRIBLE time signing off here, and there are so many things needing my attention that are being ignored.
    If you can work out an akaQA schedule and stick to it, maybe Mom will let you continue. If not, come back when you are a little older. 
    Wishing you much success in life.  


    Thank you, and i wish you much success in your life, too.

    If you are clicking on a button on your browser, do not click it. We are a free feature for people who need help finding things or help with questions they may have. You do not have to use the feature. Just ignore the button. 


    Thank you, but sometime i think i am not helpful for the others people so i don`t want to be selfish and the others hate me . Just i am scared in anything i do.Stupid coment but i want to write what i think .

    You inhibit yourself then. I will not try to change your mind. Answer only if you are comfortable in doing so.

    jersy! Oh, all the time I write stuff down and leave the computer and think ... Did I say the right thing? Will people get mad at me? Did I sound stupid? I’ve been here long enough that I’ve found that very few people give me a bad time for what I’ve said.
    However, I sure do know what you mean. You are helpful. You are here.
    Thank you.

    Jersy, as a retired high school teacher, I do know what is required of a good student.  I do not disagree with your mother, as I also am a contributor of akaQA, and realize the time that can be devoted to the site.  If you prove to your mom that your grades will not suffer, then maybe she will support "limited time" on the site.  Good luck, but do not short change your studies, please!


    I really want to study hard, but it`s like a inside force stop me to study something that i don`t like with my heart. For example study History, i want to study true things and not false things,to study History firstly you must study the History of your country, and the History of my country isn`t write correct in every book change things.In Literature, my teacher just start telling her private life that is preposterous etc.Now i just want to read different books and i hate the fact that i must learn for high grades, i always want to study for my knowledge but i don`t want my family get angry with me.

    A poor teacher can destroy a person's interest in a subject. Many of my teachers took joy in taking the joy out of learning. Try to remember that you are learning for the benefit of no one but yourself. If you are competitive or goal-oriented, you can overcome the disillusion by challenging yourself to complete assignments and setting time limits. You remove yourself from the unpleasant setting by rerouting the effort.

    Very good advise Bob!

    Thank you, bustieone.
    Go 49-ers

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