just passed long-term unemployment benefits extension

    may i please adjust my question to 'in the state of california is every unemployed person eligible for benefits under the just passed long-term unemployment benefits extension?'.  i have looked at all the links provided me and i still can't figure it out.  i am looking for a yes or no answer.  is there someone out there that can give me a yes or no?  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP

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    Come to Texas where , especially in West Texas jobs are easily available with good benefits. Thats if you can pass a drug test and no criminal record for the most part.

    You will be eligible, if you have been unemployed for at least six months.

    However there are thousands of jobs available in the US and Canada, if you are willing or able to move.

    If I lived in California I would move in any event,  California is deeply in debt and you can expect to see tax rate go up and the number of available JOBS to go DOWN, as the "Producers" begin to  flee the sate as taxes go up.


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