why do men like to cheat on their signifacint other?

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    Same reasons 'women' like to cheat on their significant others. There is always an underlying reason.. Neither sexes do it they have a happy marriage.
    If the husband and wife or boyfriend girlfriend are swingers and each know about it thats fine if thats what they want to do ,but its the sneaky ones that go behind thier partners back is the untrusting ones.

    The question was Why do they cheat... LOL just kidding babe.. I agree.. But I cant judge.
    These men are selfish,unfaithful and cant be trusted it all comes down to not knowing what they really want or the fact that they can get extra sex on the side,they are not worthy of love from thier respective partner let alone the married men that do it,they didnt take thier marriage vows to seriously.

    Wow! You speak as if from personal experience.. IMO, every case is different, sometimes its the woman's fault.. In any case, I stick to my answer (above/below where ever it ends up in this thread)

    no not from personal experience just the moral of it
    Thinking with the wrong head.
    LOL.. Woemn cheat too. They are just better a hiding it... And I know plenty of "happily married" ppl who cheat... Sometimes it is just the thrill of the chase or a change.. That does not mean they want to leave the marriage. They are just looking for excitement. Not that I am condoning it.. I just see it for what it is.

    kkk asked why do men cheat yeah women have thier slutty ways as well.

    YEs.. and I answered... I clarified that it goes both ways... Reasons are the same.

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