Embarrasing Jobs! You can go to the link and find out a little what this is about!

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    It's that way of thinking that makes them embarrassing. You don't realize that if no one cleaned up your sloppiness you'd be wading through disease and famine right now.

    Stop finding ways to discredit people. Stop trying to feel better about your job by discrediting others. A job is a job these days, I really dislike reports like this..

    These questions are NOT rhetorical. There are some very admirable jobs that I would be too grossed out to do, but don't imply that if someone works on the underside of pleasant they should be embarassed.

    What's embarrassing about HAVING A JOB? ANY JOB? Being self sufficient in any kind of employment beats the Bejesus out of being a dole bludger.

    Do you know how much money garbage collectors earn? In this country anyhow,it's big bucks & somebody's gotta do it other wise everyone would just be throwing their garbage on the street & the stench would be over powering.

    There are no embarrassing jobs,there are just jobs.Admittedly some are better than others but not everyone can start at the top.

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