I recently bought the runautowithwater system but I still have not been able to get any kind of response from any one about the actual parts or anything Help!

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    You need to go back to the website you bought this system from and see if there is a help or support link. We cannot help you with this issue.

    Do you ever get the feeling that you may have been had? seeks to sell literature on the subject rather than support your discovery of the facts by internet research. I began a study of water as fuel in the 1950s and that lead to some impressive discoveries. However one issue that stands out in my mind is the fact that metals that are exposed to hydrogen become hardened and brittle more quickly than with hydrocarbon fuel systems. Regardless of this fact, many advocates of Hydrogen fuel actively demonstrate the fact that hydrogen can be used as an auto fuel without consideration to the issue of engine endurance. Hydrogen has many applications and produces steam when burned at high temperatures and pressures. However handling hydrogen is also hazardous. For example if you were to produce hydrogen to operate you cook stove like you would for LP gas (propane, butane) then you would find that the stove elements that the flame heated would very quickly melt because hydrogen burns at a temperature that is three times hotter than acetylene ( that has previously been used for flame cutting steel).  Additionally, the steam produced by burning Hydrogen in a cook stove would fill your space with very hot steam driving the cook from the kitchen. Another problem with hydrogen is that it is very light weight and if released in a house without burning would rise to the ceiling and since modern homes have paint that seals the room, the gas would simply build up in the ceiling  only to ignite and burn explosively with the slightest spark…potentially killing anyone in the explosion. So If you are going to tinker around with Hydrogen, do it outside where hydrogen will not accumulate. I would not advise storing hydrogen because of severe safety issues. Produce it and use it or leave it alone. Industry has developed ways of using hydrogen , liquifying it and piping it around for applications that do not interest me. DOE has lots of papers written on this topic. Mostly beyond back yard tinkering.    

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