Donald Trump For President, Your Thoughts?

    Will Donald Trump be a good leader, and a good man. Because he is billionaire, and a real estate mogul can he rebuild our country? What is Donald Trump's agenda for running our country?

    Donald Trump has the potential for being president, and has just as great chance as anyone else.

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    A good question because the incumbent is disappointing. Our AAA credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in the US history. That reflects the ability of the leader. We want a change in leadership.

    Which includes all parties.

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    he sounds good to me !

    whats the difference? just another snout in the trough

    Better than what we have. JMO

    No, I don't think his stunts would be the best thing for our nation's image. But then again, we would know what we were getting before the vote. But no, I would not be comfortable with such a person in the White House because he would not have my interest in mind when collectively bargaining, or building or rebuilding the military industrial machine the USA has been known for since WWII.

    Headless Man

    Who would, Sarah?

    I would vote for him.

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