how can you give good advice a friend ?

    there is a friend of mine and she had a boyfriend but there break up! now was giving hear advice but i don't know if it was good advice

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    Un-asked for advice is dangerous...can lead to the death of a friendship.  Tell her you love her and are available to listen anytime she needs to talk...and then just listen.  Many women can come to their own conclusions after they talk about the situation.  Being an active listener will get you far in life!  It shows that you care and respect the person without telling them what to do.  If she does ask for advice point out positive and negatives to her and then ask which ones are the most important, (example:  John seemed really into you.  He called you everyday and hung out with you and your friends.  Sometimes it was too much like the day we went shopping and he called 6 times to see where you were and didn't believe you.  To me he seemed to not trust you and he seemed to be jealous that you spent the day with me.  I was uncomfortable when he was yelling at you over the phone.  How did that make you feel??)


    yes Thankssss! you'er the best!

    Best advice to you is stay out of it.


    I thought the same when I saw the question.

    yes ? you think ? :)

    If she did not or does not ask for advice, then the best advice is no advice. If she asks for advice, speak from your heart but do not tell her what to do. Simply make suggestions on how you would handle things but always remember, you are you and she is her own self. 


    okaey Thankss! xxx

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