dont want to grow old n lonely.

    i struggle to hold relationships and have come to the conclusion i shouldnt commit again. i miss companionship and fear growing old and lonely. can u have your cake and eat it to? i mean i dont like hurting people and cant see how to work this. i have maintained good contact with my ex wife and former girlfreinds and i am  not a player. need some advice please.

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    Like yourself more. I use to think the same as you. I've found that lonely only comes if you do not like yourself. I also found that I can not commit to relationships because they demand more than I am willing to give. Relationships require a level of changing to suit the others needs that I find hard to do. I like me and I like my life just as it is. I have my friends, my dogs and my birds. My time is filled and there's no time to be lonely. I'll not grow old alone in a world filled with millions of people. 

    Welcome to akaQA Steve :)


    Interesting answer colleen and think its a very good observation about liking yourself, they say you should love yourself first. my time is more often filled but not nessessarily with what i want to do but have to. I am progresively changing. will ponder your words of wisdom as they are words of advice and experience and will try to put it to practice. :) its a way of thinking for me when u sum it all up that needs change.

    Loneliness is a state of mind.  I'm 57 and unmarried yet still I enjoy life and my own company. Love yourself and you'll never be alone....

    Everyone grows old, but not lonely. Most every town has a senior citizens center. Also, try doing some volunteer work in something that interests you, everybody loves a giving person.

    that's life.

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