assembly of prado cigarette

    How do I attach the Prado 'filter' to the 'body' of the Prado cigarette

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    My account got wacked for $149.95. then a week later, my account got wacked for another $69.90. Apparently I had unkowingly signed up for weekly refills.

    My bank could do nothing because I had handed out my card #.

    So I called the 800 number, finally got a human being and cancelled my account. (cancellation # SWF14049)

    Three days later, BAAM another $69.90 charge to my account.

    Cancelled my debit card, filing a complaint with the Florida State Attorney General, and am pondering Small Claims Court.

    Don't touch these scum bags with a ten foot pole.

    .........What we didn't know was that by agreeing to the trial that we were also agreeing to a monthly plan that would debt our bank account every month with more supplies whether they where needed or not. We were given 10 days from the time that we called the order in to 10 days later. To return the product was as bad as getting the product. Please learn from my mistake and read every thing even the tiny print at the bottom of the page. DON'T BUY PRADO!!!

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    1 Answer

    This product does not come with assembly instructions. You are suppose to figure out how to put it together yourself. There are a lot of complaints about this product. So much so that it appears on and there is a warning not to buy it on smokeless cigarette  Watch your credit card as they will hit it will large charges. They do not refund either. Cancel your subscription now as they lie about everything. Call your credit card company and cancel any future charges from them. Here is the phone number to Prado if you can get them to answer the phone > 954-691-1814

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