how can I stop feeling so sad?

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    Exercise helps depression. I hope you feel better soon. There are so many medications a doctor can prescribe to lift people out of sadness.


    Good answer, exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happier. Get out and walk or cycle preferably away from traffic.

    or dance!

    How long have you felt like this for? Sometimes it can be things you wouldn’t think of that make you feel sad and other times you feel that way for good reason. Maybe trying to figure out what triggers it can help you find away to lift you out of the way you feel.Have you been diagnosed with depression? Depression can leave you feeling sad.


    Yes and i am on meds. I just can't shake this feeling. it just keeps getting worse.

    I know the feeling all to well.Some days are better than others, but the sadness is always there.Just try and have a positive outlook on life, and surround yourself with nice people.Maybe you are due for your meds to be revised.
    Look at the people around you whom are struggling with bad health. Whom have missing limbs or whom are doing everything they can to keep a child alive.

    Now when you look at your life do you really need to feel so sad?
    Sometimes we sit and dwell rather than make changes, look at life your life, it really can't be as bad as you think it is. You only have to walk through a cancer ward in a hospital to see how truly lucky you are.

    Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself even if the situation is sad.
    The only person whom can make you happy is you.

    Acknowledging  your feelings is important, which you have done, remember the things that made you feel good, and think about why they perhaps they don't anymore, continue to accept the help of professional people and has been mentioned have your medication reviewed

    I don't know you and you have given no details.....married, single, living alone, physically healthy, etc.  But speaking from a past experience, I will assume that you are staying in your house almost all of the time and going out, only when absolutely necessary. The way to begin the long, slow process of overcoming depression is this....get moving!  Get out of the house and walk, walk, walk. Do it right now, today, even if it's only for 5 minutes....get going!!!


    I just read your profile that says you are married and not happy about that. Please don't make any important decisions while you are depressed. It's likely you, not him, so you may be sorry later. Wait until you feel better.

    Get out of the marriage that is making you unhappy.  

    Depression can be helped. Talk with your doctor and get your medication changed. It took me 29 years to find the right combination but IT CAN BE FOUND....Keep at it.

    Everytime you have a negative thought, turn it around into a positive thought. This goes a long way .


    I have about three minutes to be on akaQA. I turned to your answer. I’m going to do it right now.

    Go outside for a walk. You will get some exercise that will make your body feel better and you will absorb sunlight that makes your brain feel so much better. Both are free!

    By start feeling so happy !

    Always remeber that behind every cloud ,thier is a bigger and blacker cloud,?????Wait ive seem to have got that wrong somewhere,??But seriousily,just hang in thier and things will gradualy improve,Good luck,

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