my nabi tablet doesn't let me qo into my network

    I try to into the web but I cant

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    Have to set up the wifi? You can USB to the computer try that, can you connect then?
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    You need to Factory Reset it and here is how: Factory Reset ! Caution: A factory reset is a very serious process, because it will SYSTEMATICALLY WIPE ALL USER DATA from nabi. A factory reset will return nabi to the settings it originally had when purchased. To perform a factory reset, first make sure that nabi is powered off. Then, hold down the Volume – Button and the Power Button simultaneously until the Factory Reset screen appears. Using the Volume – Button or the Volume + Button, navigate the menu options to select Wipe All User Data, and press the Power Button to confirm your selection. Wait until the screen displays DONE, then power off nabi by pressing the Power Button. Once nabi is off, you can power it back on and start setting it up again. Regards. source: Nabi tablet for kids, no response on touch screen. unable to unlock. doesn`t move only can do a hard reboot on it... but still nothing?

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