Have You Hit A Dead End At Work Or In Your Relationship?

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    <a href="/users/2305/ole-hipster/">@ole hipster</a> - It's all good, I understand, hang in there!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Here's a Thumbs Up (T.U.). for your question. My answer is below , let
    me know if my thought process is wrong and how about T.U.!

    ole hipster

    Thumbs up for your question IamPamela! I'm still at a loss for words to be able to express my answer properly. I believe I've hit a dead end in life in general...too many bad things going on...however, the strong they do survive! I am stoic.

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    Yes in both. The big difference is I got paid for working and it did not seem like a waste of my time. In my relationship, I had nearly 6 years invested in it and when it ended I felt like I wasted that time with her. It was also a financially draining break-up.


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - Thanks for expressing the way you feel. What ever we do in life are investments, some good, and some bad, some have great dividends, some have a great loss. All in all, we gotta learn!!!

    As far as jobs are concerned, if you have a job you don't like, create one, if not, the why this economy is, keep it until you can do better!!!


    After 6 years ONE of you wasn't happy. Better it ended before kids were involved.

    I had really good job as a legal credit controller and I put all the hours under the sun into this job I did love it then I relized this was not for me and I was not appresiated I took work home with me stayed long hours and not even a thank you so I quit and went back to college and it was the best thing I did


    You had the guts, and you got the glory. ((((((((((hug))))))))))

    thanks pamela I think so to it was risk but would I do it now in this day and age well NO its too risky thanks for the comment :-)

    I do believe I have.......


    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - Which one or both?

    I'm retired from my DEAD END job. :)


    <a href="/users/1959/tsc/">@TSC</a> - Thank God you were rescued!!!

    O yes I have I just retired And the Transportation Industry is in a panick LOL


    <a href="/users/3289/matheneyg/">@matheneyg</a> - Thank God you had a job that you could retire from. Considering high unemployment and no jobs!!!

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