I'd like an idiots guide to the night sky. Constellation, star names, things of that nature.

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    Click  >>>     The Night Sky Atlas 

               >>>     Constellations by Month - The Night Sky Atlas

               >>>     constellations

               >>>     NASA Science

               >>>     NASA


    To have such interest in great beauty and wonder, I believe you are way ahead. Congratulations and keep up your study.


    try to find " Astronomy for Dummies"

    Start here 


    Here’s one:""


    Excellent! Thanks for the update! of course, my mother told me what sign I was born under. She said it was "Keep off the grass."

    it means thet u r interested in for biology or cosmos study .

    go to your local library and look in the childrens' section for a book on astronomy .

    Goodness! you have curious and scientific brain; that's why your interests are quite unique. Keep p the spirit and all the best.

    If you were an idiot, you wouldn't have asked.  let's get you started with people who can guide you along from the basics to highly advanced material.

    Poke around for their "Orbits" software and you'll find a galaxy full, from the very simple to professional material.


    And of course all these programs are free correct? If they are not free and you are advertising here, you need to contact the page owners and set up an ad account which of course is not free.




    While these programs are not "freeware," I have no association with them. I merely recommend them as the best that I know. Anything that is free is generally far overpriced, particularly with software: "freeware" invariably contains track bots or malware, so I would do no one any favors by recommending it.

    If it is necessary to add the caveat that it isn't free, then I shall do so in the future.

    No, it's not necessary. We do however get a lot of people posting answers that contain links to their website trying to get free advertising here. The fact that you actually answered me tell me you are not one of those people as they just ignore my comments to them. Carry on, you're doing good :)

    There are some good free programs out there. It just takes a little trial and error yo find them.

    P.S., when you reply to a person, click "comment this answer" at the start of the thread (it's attached to the original answer).

    Again, please use "comment this answer" instead of using the "add new answer" box to reply back. This way a notification is snet that you replied and I do not have to move your reply to where it belongs. Thanks!


    Thank you, Colleen. Perhaps I am misleading you a bit, if I come off as a normal person. I hate to admit it in public, but I may not be long for this world: those editors told me that I suffer from Terminal Paronomasia -- the punsters' disorder. They told me that if I crack off with one more rotten pun anywhere near them, that they were going to lynch me.

    I tried to stop punning. I even joined Punsters' Unanimous -- the punsters' self help group. Surely you have heard of P.U.

    They have a hospital for recovering punsters in the Darjeeling Mountains of Pakistan, where they have two burly assistants walk around with the recovering punster, and every time they try to crack off with another of those wretched moaners, they poke him in the ribs with their elbows.

    It is in the Punjab . . ..

    LOL, you do have fun with the puns. So, I'm going to guess you are in Punjab? Please remember to use "comment this answer" so your reply attaches to this thread.



    So, is 901 the name of the book or tape that he should get on Astronomy ?

    Actually, no. I reside in Mesquite, Texas. I have been thinking about incorporating "The laughing Academy," a no-cost writers' group whose intentions are to make our work fun, fresh, and appealing.

    Life is so much better if we can take out a little while, now and then, to break out laughing.

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