Why was obama not invited to the Royal Wedding ?

    He is too busy trying to save obama care to go , my guess. Whatever reason could there be.

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    President Obama was not invited to the royal wedding because of security concern.

    yes, that could have been the reason. was that in the news?

    Yes! That's where I got my information
    cant get a visa without a birth cirtificate


    So, how did he and his wife visit Ireland then ?

    nuclear sub

    ROFL ... Comment of the month, Daren.
    we now know why he didnt go because he knew he was striking bin laden on the sunday!
    ed shank

    I too would have rather watched that s**t bags head get blown off than to watch "Captain Crunch" walk down the Isle.

    Who's Captain Crunch Ed?I haven't heard that one.
    and even if he weren't invited it was more important to go to the areas hit by all those tornados in the south.

    that's true
    Probably didn't want to invite a pretend president?
    Could it be HE WAS NOT WANTED !!!

    <--Registering shock! Heaven's no.
    He did'nt want to chance having to sit next to Carmella...

    I think he was invited but what happened with bin laden on the sunday he could not go as would not have looked good if he had left when the most wanted guy in the world was about to be killed!!!! but really good answer that he didnt want to sit next to Carmilla..
    i was wondering too :S

    Can anyone guarantee his safety 100% He still visited UK.
    Maybe its because he has made it clear that he sees the relationship between the U.S. and Britain, not that special, and would sooner play footsie with the French.
    accutally he was not invited according to fox news , no reason given

    Good stuff, thanks Daren, helpful as usual.

    Maybe because the royals were offended the way that they were treated in his past visits.  Giving gifts of his speeches on disc?  I would not invite him, even if I was obligated to acknowledge the office, not if he offended me personally! 


    He was too busy killing bin laden.

    Yes the first lady killed him with her bare hands, and big biceps!
    Zorro has a good point, I wonder if he was even even invited, somehow I doubt that he was...

    Maybe he had a "Black out"

    if you were planning a wedding would you want him at yours?

    uh uh. Would you? Michelle is looking way too much like a movie star. Somehow it just doesn't please me. There are so many women who can't afford all that stuff. clothes, makeup ... blah blah.
    Hey newdog, pardon me. I got carried away on the wrong track. Come back and I'll try and answer with my head on. OK?
    Neither was President Sarkozy. A major insult in my opinion.

    i think it was an insult too! i'll be michelle didn't like it at all. as far as i know he wasn't attending to tornadoes in the south at the time of the wedding.
    i heard he had actually planned the bin laden killing on the very day of the wedding. but the weather wasn't quite right for that. what a busy busy day it would have been for the journalists.

    Hum... I heard it was because of his wife was a show boat. Also Oboma has no love for the English, from family history. I don't keep up with this mess, like I said it was hearsay.


    I have kinda forgotten about the wedding but I almost fell of my chair laughing when you called Michelle "a showboat"
    How would she be any different from the Royals ... They ALL looked like showboats.
    So what's the truth? Was this a snub? As far as I can tell, all signs point to no. According to, a nonpartisan website operated by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the Obamas weren't alone among world leaders in not receiving invitations. In fact, a spokesman for Prince Charles told the website in February that "no other heads of state other than those from foreign royal families have been invited to the wedding."

    i, am happy because no one answered because he is black, good folks
    No, just simply he is not a royal blood

    sorry, not true there were other royals not invited from other countries, for a start denmark.

    Because it is assumed that he would be coming back to the US. It was anticipated that he would have problems with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, since he wasn't born here. (lol)!

    Just saw he was preparing the raid on bin laden that day before wedding. That was necessary. Invite or not. I give obama credit for handling bin laden killing.


    You are 100% right. He was preoccupied with the very important mission to capture bin Laden.
    give me td if you want. its because HES BLACK. dont you know that prejudice IS alive in this country? i see it every day. its not just between blacks and whites. none are exempt from this terrible thing. you might say your opposite color is ok with you. have good friends in that category. so go to other nationalities. what do you think of them? search your soul. you will find out how you rate in this thing. yes, its because hes black. or should i say bi-racial?

    i, did not say, prejudice is dead, but out of 21 , did not answer the ? ignorend x mabey one and that deserves a up.

    is that all you know how to do is keep coming back and giving me tds because of your prejudice? its the way it tis. like it or lump it

    eloninete, you may debate others beliefs. You may not wage karma attacks on people just because you disagree with their opinion. Carmaxable, if eloninete continues to attack your karma, please report it to the admin. I'll see about getting your karma back for you.

    thanks baby doll!
    guess what elo. its because hes black.

    you could answer the question with intellect oder with more humor

    humor for what? i hear ethnic jokes all the time. most of them arent funny, just ignorant.

    I have no idea, heard they were afraid Michelle would steal the cameras away from the Royal's. Also she didn't know how to act in a Royal setting. It was hearsay, probably from a tabloid.


    You could be right, my guess they were just not invited because they really didnt want them there.

    Big deal I wasn't invited  either. So there.

    I have no idea why he wasnt invited!!


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    I wasnt sure why i had so much but its a glitch so now i understand thanks.

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    There is now. There wasn't one earlier. I think one of the IT guys tried to correct it.

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