Every Decision You Make In Life Causes A “Split” In Reality

    Which in turn creates two alternate universes—one where the current version of you is today, and another with the version of you who made a different choice. Now think about your life.

    In these alternate universes, alternate versions of YOU are living out their lives.

    And with an infinite number of them, it means that anything that can happen, does happen—in another universe. So in effect, there is a universe where Obama never won the election and another where Princess Diana is still alive. There is a universe where you are the King of Scotland and a universe where you are a tea farmer in China. A universe where you are a celebrity musician, and one where you busk on a pavement for spare change.

    So how do parallel universes come to be? How, if you are born in this universe, are there now an infinite number of dimensions where you exist simultaneously?

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    yes, you can exist simultaneuosly, some knowledgeable elder told me that one day, the first time i heard it, couldn't believe, but now i do , it's so interesting, isns't it, awesome :D

    It's hypothetical n theoritical as yet as it's not been proven.These alternate realities do they occupy the same space as us or elsewhere.Also if matter and energy can neither created or destroyed then where does the fabric of a newly created reality come from.There must be an infinite number of realities and increasing infinitely.

    A mind is a terrible thing to deceive. There is one reality and one you. "It is appointed once unto man to die, after this comes judgement." May you allow God to open your eyes my friend. Your immortal soul is at stake. Peace and Love.

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