code 31 what does it mean

    code 31 what does it mean

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    What the Code 31 Error Is
    This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)
    Code 31 is an error reported to the device manager whenever Windows attempts to load a driver for a device but cannot complete the operation successfully. During boot up, Windows proactively loads the drivers for the connected hardware devices so that they are immediately available to you when you log on to your computer. If Windows is unable to load the driver for any given device, it is likely that a Code 31 error will be reported to the device manager. When this error occurs, it means that the device is unavailable due to the lack of a driver.
    A driver is a small piece of software utilized by a hardware device for operational purposes. The term driver is drawn from the device's dependency of the software to "drive" or operate the hardware device, just as your car does not drive itself and your person to work everyday. Drivers are necessary for the normal operation of the several hardware devices that comprise a computer. Without hardware device drivers, the device will not function and may not be recognized by the operating system.
    It is not uncommon for hardware devices to generate errors like these. Driver errors are quite common due to the high rate at which drivers are utilized by the physical device. In the event that you experience a device manager error, it is important to understand what might have caused the problem so that you can take proactive steps to prevent it in the future.
    Common Causes of Code 31 Errors
    A Code 31 error is caused by problems with the driver of the offending device. Driver errors such as Code 31 suggest multiple possbilities when attempting to determine the root cause of the problem. Driver errors can occur unexpectedly, and at any time. Although, driver errors typically occur due to the following common causes.
    Common causes of Code 31 errors...
    The driver is not installed.
    The driver is missing.
    The driver is out-of-date.
    The driver is corrupt.
    A previous attempt to update the driver failed.
    The device is not configured as the default device.
    The device is not plugged in correctly or all the way.
    The device is damaged.
    In some cases, a Code 31 error is the result of a misconfigured image path for the driver. Windows knows where to look for a driver by referencing it's image path in the registry. If the image path is incorrect, the driver will not load. The driver might be fully functional and without corruption, but it cannot be loaded by the operating system if it cannot be found.
    If you would like to learn how to manually troubleshoot this error, we have provided a guide to manually fixing Code 31 errors if you wish to correct the problem yourself. The guide provides detailed steps for correcting Code 31 errors.
    How to Easily FIX Code 31 Errors
    Code 31 errors are nearly always caused by driver problems. Whether it is a misconfigured driver, a missing driver, or a corrupt driver, it is rather safe to assume that the problem is driver-related. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine exactly which driver may be causing the issue. That is where the use of automated tools like DriverUpdate come into play.

    Driver Update is able to scan your computer for out of date or missing device drivers, and recommend the best possible driver for your system configuration. It takes the guesswork out of fixing code 31 error messages. Additionally, it ensures that you only get the correct drivers, which is a big deal since installing an incorrect driver can result in a crash. DriverUpdate is made by SlimWare Utilities Inc.

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