What Topic Interest You The Most On This Site, Why?

    Human Behavior

    The behavior of people being common, some unusual, some acceptable, and some outside acceptable limits.

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    You got it!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Hello Pamela here is another answer that I'm not sure answers your question. Thumbs up and were you been, I need some "love" too!

    9 Answers

    Topics that relate to peoples real life experiences. Others like "what do you think" or more "opinion related questions" are not as interesting to me either. I like questions and answers that let people share their real life situations and experiences to help others who are dealing with situations that the answerer has dealt with or experience with before in their life.


    Thanks! Raider, the majority questions I asked of you, I asked myself first, How I feel about this, What would I do about that, Why is this happeining, Where is all this coming from. Then, I post the question, to see how others relate.

    I love a question that lets me give a funny answer. Better than all the petty point scoring.
    All of the above and you, IamPamala313. I like humor, honesty and love. Belief systems are interesting but I could handle less parrot chatter and a deeper since of relevance. I have a deep since of the effects of prejudice...I lost 280 family members to German gas chambers. I'll never forget my parents and grandparents outrage and grief. We had access to a lot more information about what happened in Germany than many because we had access to the German archives for quite some time.

    Thanks! Sorry for the lost of your love ones :-)
    To know others point of views and opinions. It's fun to me and it makes me think and learn more. I don't know everything, I might learn something.

    Yes, I learn too!

    Good for you!

    Congrats on 30,000 !

    Thanks, Benthere!

    I always like the "What if..." questions because it makes a person think outside the box.

    Ones I know something

    Sometimes the others may be fun too :-)
    tv, relationships, coping, psychology stuff, health, off-the-wall stuff is the best. you know, i think my answer is the same as raider. coach too. hi pamela. gmta!

    Thanks! You are right, Great Minds Think Alike :-)

    Your right IamPamela, Great minds think alike, but sorry , I cant let this saying pass, fools seldom differ, lol
    I like most all the Q & A people family but some of the Q's are a bit DDuuuhhhh!!!! and some of the A's are even more DDuuuhhhhh!!!! I guess its called growing pains

    some of the duh questions makes you wanna laugh

    You mean a DDuuuhhh for a DDuuuhhh , well what can you expect. lol
    My interest on this site would haft to be,the opinion of other on
    matter of religious issue,it took me some time to understand peoples believes.Also meet the kind and generous friend that are out there.God Bless You!Pamela & Friends.T.K.

    Back at ya! I believe on akaqa there is a little bit of something for, fun, and laughter :-)

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