how to receive unemployment if i got fired

    i worked for a company for 4 yrs i was fired at the end of october i been missing work a  close dead in the family and had alot happenning from it. and if i was going to be late i would let my supervisor know.he did tell me i couldnt be late anymore and i tried on the day i got fired i send my supervisor a text message letting him know i would be late 30 min.he text back saying it was ok.. i was late 13min.when i walked in he called me to the office and said i was fired.because i refused on the day before to do a job i wasent assigned to do from another do i make it valid to collect unemplyment

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    The human resources department of Merced, CA, deals with unemployment. You can contact them through email or telephone numbers, which can be found at

    In order for me to tell you where you can get information on unemployment application, I need to know where you are from - state and city.


    livingston california, MERCED COUNTY

    livingston california. 


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