what do you do to relax

    i like to get the fire plce lit open a good book,get about 5 minutes into it and "bam' the phone rings

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    what about riding you tractor into the creek,pond ,river ocean,lake bay,stream

    Meditate, hot tub, prescribed med. I worked in biofeedback research when no one knew anything about it …many researchers were more interested in parlor tricks than practical aps when I was there. 


    I like to go fishing or paint, a drink every now and then, I can't do what hipster didn't say because I have to be ready for random drug tests, ha,ha.

    FISHING is a great way to relax, could be the water, the nature, or just the beer? Beer is optional, but the rest is relaxing too.

    I am going to give ole Hipster a new nick name, M.J.? What do you think? I like to give my pals nicknames...

    ole hipster

    Hey leeroy...the nickname MJ is just fine with me...any donations are acceptable! LMAO!

    Listening to the stereo and putting on some great jazz or classic music and kicking back and chilling out while listening!""

    Hammock,beer,and smokes.
    Lay on a float in the pool,that a walk, smoke a cig.. (trying to quit again) have a cup od amazing coffee... ANd chill out on FB abd akaQA.

    im trying to quit as well not easy

    I had been quit for a year.. But when Sookie died.. I about had a nervous break down.. All is well.... But I do love my cigs.
    Fishing, beer, cigars, newspaper.
    Those 4 in any order. :)

    have a smoke

    I usually spend my time of relaxation planning what to do next.
    water relaxes me creek pond river lake ocean also riding my tractor
    A couple glasses of scotch on the rocks or wine with a nice dinner, pleasure in bed, and watch my favorite sports game or a good movie.
    I'm not touching this one! lol Great question though...I'll be tuning back in to see some other answers on this one. (:
    i have done iy more than once it kinda kills the buzzzz
    probally kills the engein as well

    havent wentin that deep yet
    just kidding about the phone its the door bell lol

    Fill the jacuzzi tub with not too hot water, light a few candles, put on some relaxing music, pour a glass of fine wine and relax...bringing along a friend works nice too...wink, wink;)

    In todays world a very good question.  I do what works depending on my stress level. Exercise, reading, or just quiet time with myself helps alot. like meditation.

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