I want to contact SONY, departure of complaints? I try to do this below!

    Att.: SONY, departure of complaints

    Dear friends

    This, - because I am a SONY-fan!

    I have bought a lot of SONY-equipment, - I have been enthusiastic!

    This year I have bought SONY-TV number 3 (KDL-40EX653) and in same time got troubles!

    Totally against what I have expected and what SONY promise, I am not able on TV to see all of my picturefiles from a memorystick (usb). Picturefiles from a COREL editing program can not be shown !?

    COREL has told me, that SONY-TV's have limitations in hardware! 

    As I have learned, the problem is connected with a fileformat called YCbCr, which SONY-TV's do not support!?

    I have taken with me the memorystick to friends, and used it together with, among other, a PHILIPS-TV, and here we have no problems!?

    I am very disappointed!

    We write 2012, where everything are STANDARD!

    I am very happy with my SONY-TV, but for me and all my pictures placed on a external harddisk, the case is not good!

    And not to forget, I did not have a chance of to see the problem, when I bought the TV, because the salesman told me, that the TV supports JPEG-files, and all my files are JPEG-files!?

    I really expect a serious comment from SONY, and first of all a solution bringing me happyness with my SONY-TV!

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards

    Henning Berrig, Denmark

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    1 Answer

    Try here  >

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