what do think of the royal wedding so far?

    are you watching it live like me.

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    bulletman I seem to remember you saying either question or answer went down like 404 no idea what this meant was it "why you are called bulletman" I think we should be able to search questions - as it is difficult to keep up..  

    Kate is adorable,everything is running smoothly looks like no one in the crowd knows the words to the hymms they are singing lol.But all in all its a pleasure to watch.Dianna would be proud.
    I think theire wedding was a real modern-day fairytale, Everything was perfect. Even the weather was beautiful.
    Kate looked stunning and happy. However I agree with Dianas
    Astrologer. Kate is wearing Dianas Ring. The Ring represents
    unhappiness and the death of Diana. Very scary!

    The choreography was perfectionism pure. I was impressed.


    Thank you west-bus. Something good huh. All part of history regardless.
    my wife and i married the same exact day princess "di" died,luckily we didn't get her limo driver

    WOW, what a day to get married ;)
    i have it "saved" all over the place but i don't watch it. I'm with tsc and double helix, i guess zzzzzzzz

    the perfect answer ;)

    I don't think of it!

    you know i never knew william or kate existed until last month ? hmmmm, i guess i have been sleeping like TSC
    Harry seems to be taking the p*ss out of the whole event.
    LMAO bulletman, i didn't mean it in a bad way, i'm just curious over if astrology sayings are true or not, and this is a solid evidence of someone who got paid for his absurd job of telling future events, especially now that it's a royal wedding, i'm watching it live to see how stupid that astrologer really is and how stupid people are to even consult them :), no need to vote me down before not understandin what i'm saying first :(

    it was on the news also, check the bottom page link
    the only reason i'm watching is because the astrologer said something bad is going to happen on the day of the wedding, so i'm watching, wondering if the astrologer was talking real or just rubbish to get money.

    Your Astrologer ripped you off bro. ;)

    lol, not my astrologer, it was on the news yesterday , some royal astrologer in the palace

    LOL Sorry ;)
    Kate looks beautiful =)

    and did you see her sister, pippa? ooolala
    Do they get to kiss each other?

    i'm not quite sure because westminster abbey is high church of england.

    They did get to kiss - can't tell you how many times this was asked for.And you are right double helix - astrology has a lot to do with it - their relationship is of parent and child not romantic but these relationships do survive but I hope not the bad predictions - although I feel she is a bit of a gold digger. The lovely bit was when the Pope visited Scotland - the hymms everything were amazing. Clearly though you had all seen enough...

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