I want to go on location where nursing home residents lived and places that are familar and send back to nursing home in real time video of interviews with neighbors and old time friends. Best way to do this is?

    I am a CDM and have worked in many nursing homes in Hawaii and see a need for the residents to reconnect with their old neighborhood and home town. Many times the resident are confined to the facility where they live and getting back to their old haunts is difficult. So my idea is to bring the places they know in their memories to them. The trips back can be brought into their rooms or shared with the whole facility. Of course these episodes can be saved and replayed when ever the residents want to renew their memories. This idea can be used for any shut in people. Even prisoners may be motivated to turn over a new leaf if they see their kids in school or a school play or whatever. I have been keeping this idea to myself for a long time but the sooner that something like this finds application in the real world to help the shut in and disable I think the better. With new technology today this must be pretty easy> Just buying the equipment is the tough part but I think there must be grants and social responsible businesses who would love to support this.

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    Please click on the link provided...I believe you shall be surprised at what you find there!! Peace.

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    Just an child and I watched a live-stream of a concert that was streamed from a cell-phone to computer and live-streamed to ustream! It was easy and economical!

    Check out the site>>>


    Thank you so as simple as a cell phone. I am sure a better camera could be connected to the cell phone. This is a good idea as a unlimited data plan would allow me to do this as much as I want. Doing this project for nursing home resident is my primary objective. Yes ustream looks pretty cool. I will try to put the components together and repost later.

    Right on glad I could help!

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