how to reset the outdoor temperature

    my unit is reading about 10 degrees higher than actual how do I remedy this

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    3 Answers

    What is the brand and model of your unit?

    stop? im trying to save this person time.


    by the time he goes out to find out the brand and model the temerature would be different again and need resetting.


    give up, accept mother nature loves to play games. its currently hot in the office but if i go put the air con on she will hide the sun and then we will have to get up and turn the air con off only for her to bring the bleedin sun back out!!


    Yes, stop. You should go find yourself a forum that appreciates your humour. This is akaQA, a help forum. You are not helping.

    it would be a waste ot time resetting it. by the time you found out how to do it it would be nighttime and a little colder so would need to be reset again.

    i think youd spend your whole life resetting the temperature.


    Please stop. Your answers are not helpful.

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