Even Strong Men Struggle

    As a man, do you often feel the pressure of fulfilling many roles in life: husband, father, son, businessman, member of the church community,etc.

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    You are so clever. I answered your question from my curreny view point. leeroy has a good answer for his situation. You know what I want and I will give another to you, a thumbs up, Pamela!

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    Most definitely yes, I guess that's why I am not married or have any children. If I am going to fulfil all those roles, the woman must be my perfect match or no deal. leeroy has some good points about all the pressures a male can face if he has to fulfil all those roles. Now a days, many woman have as many similar roles as men. There is no reason to expect those women not to have the same "burdens" as a male in the similar role.


    You may not be married with children, but, your are someone's son, maybe you are a church member, maybe you own your own business, the list goes on. We has women need men like you, somebody's son may need you, where you work, need you, the list goes on. That's a lot of Roles to fulfill.

    True, women have as many similar roles as men, which means we are face with the same struggles.

    Hopefully, in the immediate future there is wife, and children. lol!!!


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    You are such a wonder person. You could make anyones day joyful!

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    DID YOU KNOW SPACEGHOST retired from the site b/c of to many people joking around and given smart ass answers. He told me he would miss you. I can not blame him. I will miss spaceghost as well.

    I sure do especially before I became a Christian. As a man the cultural or family role, came with certain responsibility's as provider. While monetary problems are amongst the most prevalent reasons for divorce. As well as the stigma or expectation that society puts on men, not to mention you, your spouse and your children. To take on all that responsibility can be a burden to heavy to bear for many men. Maybe that's why so many men don't accept responsibility until they absolutely have to and sometimes, well we still don't. While women on the other hand are left with the product of the relationship, children. I've found since I have found God that I can put the burdens on Him and I had to realize that worrying doesn't help anything. I have to do my best, trust in the Lord and leave the worrying to Him, although when you are God you probably don't worry to much.


    Good answer. It's not easy being leeroy, but you did what you had to do. I give you propers. You are a good man!!!


    Thanks Iampam keep up the good q&a!

    I am retired now, but I was a single man raising 4 kids 2,3,7,&8 and running my own business. I never had a babysitter for the kids and it was not an office job I was in the oil field (I took them with me). So yes I felt the pressure but it was better than being retired never felt more alive.

     "" I believe Men are very strong But it takes aMan to Cry if you get my meaning ! 



    That's cute Mel! It takes a real man to shed a few tears. :-)

    Thanks Pamela glad you like your name tag! :-)
    Just wanted to bring this question back to the front page, thumbs up, good question.
    I have heard it said many times that when we are at our weakest that is when God is the strongest in our lives if we let him be let go and let God.....
    yes quite often

    it's worth it being the one that makes a difference :-)

    I would call it an "obligation", rather than pressure. I teach at the middle school level and for many of the kids, I'm one of the few men who they interact with in their lives so I do my best to teach values and basic life skills so that they're somewhat prepared for the real world. It's very cool to see them years later and see how they've grown up.


    Thanks Pam. I had a great role model in my dad and other mentors (many were women as well) in my life. I'm a big believer in "Paying it forward".


    <a href="/users/3295/coach/">@coach</a> - I see your user name fits the title, a teacher of knowledge, beautiful! I have a few teachers in my family. One of them being a professor whom taught in Africa for 5 years.

    Our young men need strong men like yourself that would affect their lives with positive influence.

    I feel its a pleasure, not pressure to have such a great positive impact on people lives!!!

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