What does the zjulian calander predict for Dec 21 2012?

    The Mayan calander predicts the end of the wpr;d. or this worldy dydtem, om Dec 21 2012. What do other calanders say about the 21 and 22 of Dec 2012?


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    My calender shows the whole month, it's a big distribution calender, I don't think they would waste the ink if it was going to end on the 21st or 22nd, plus they have lots of nice pictures.


    I think the Mayans just ran out of something to write on....

    I don't believe it will happen. Also if it dose i am ready for it. 

    Creio que como cristãos não devemos acreditar nas previsões de fim de ano. "Vai morrer uma pessoa importante". E pseudo revelações que se provam falsas; como a formulada. "não deis ouvido a quem se julgam com o direito de prever o futuro. Não me refito aos estudiosos que fazem análise científica baseadas em fatos. 'Crer para entender' ou 'entender para crer' questões da Idade Média.


    I believe that as Christians we should not believe in predictions of end of year. "It will die a biggie." And pseudo revelations that prove false, as formulated. "Neither give ear to those who believe themselves to be entitled to predict the future. refito me not to scholars who make scientific analysis based on facts. 'Believe to understand' or 'understand to believe' issues of the Middle Ages.

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