legal drugs that show up as meth in urine test

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    First off Meth  is its own molecule there will not be anything that would give a false positive.

    BUT if the test is for amphetamines that's another story. Amphetamines are in cold medicines,  (hence where meth is made from)    inhalers, etc. BUT once its pulled from the medicine there is a process that turns it to gas then into a solid (Chrystal) in that process  it become its own molecule.

    the reaction cause by a certain chemical causes it to become a gas that gas once turned into a solid (or actually as a gas ) is now a meth molecule.

    So there isnt anyway to duplicate it in something else . or mix together (even in your stomach ) any items that would give you the appearance of it.

    Unlike poppy seeds which can give you a false positive for heroin. 

    cozy Kate

    thank you, I have a crazy meth head ex daughter-in law and she failed a urine test and I was told that there is legal drugs that could have caused it.

    She lied . There's no way . glad to help. FYI I worked in a men's prison for 6.5 years that's how I learned about the process.

    Great answer!

    Sorry for your loss, and for any misunderstanding. Here's a link:

    Why are you asking, anyway? Are you or someone else actually using crystal meth and are looking for an excuse, knowing that the test will show a positive result?

    cozy Kate

    NO! I am trying to save three beautiful little boys from a meth user. My son had custody of his son and he died on Oct. 4th, this year...She failed a urine test and I was told it was OK because of the prescriptions she was taking>

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