I own a 97 Olds Bravada AWD, good condition, but after putting 3000 dollars in upgrades, new head,, brakes, and numerous other repairs, the engine threw a rod. It still runs, but am trying to decide whether to cut my losses or replace, rebuild or ? the V-6 Vortex Vin W engine. Given the money invested and what I could recover parting it out, I believe a junk yard low mileage engine and a mechanic to install it might be worth doing, or a rebuild, although damage to engine might make the core un

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    Cut your losses. The only time you want to invest that kind of money into a car is if it will eventually become a classic or already is a classic. I do not believe the Bravada will ever be considered a classic vehicle. 

    IF you go ahead..a rebuild is going to cost you a Canada @ 1500+ a price comparison as the low-mileage replacement may be far more economical..problem there is you won't know how good the block is until you R&R it! Also consider the the Olds a gas guzzler? When will the next issue occur and at what cost?...used vehicles are a toughie...good luck with this one. Peace.

    Here are some reviews for you Woofer, to

    help you to decide whether to go forward or not. 

    I tried several forums for you also but when people

    asked for help, none was forthcoming.

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