Will massage help with lower back pain

    caused by weight

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    A massage will give temporary relief but it won't last long.  Losing weight will help long term. Consult with a chiropractor.  

    Some exercise will aid in back pain AND weight loss. Massage will help for the moment......

    Massage is good to relax muscles, will not address cause if structual see Physio or Chiro, i would go for Chiro and get Xrays done to check for structual damage. ask for some streching exercises and walking is very good. If you are having trouble sleeping try placeing a pillow between your legs positon around knee level.


    Now a days most of the peoples are having back pain in their life. So you can go to professionally trained massage therapist and it will help to relieve from your back pain.

    Hospitals in Chennai


    Osteopaths, are quite good o back problems,

    the relief will only last a limited amount of time. i suggest hit the gym  then get a massage - experience

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