Do you think cops in America are out of control?

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    I would be very interested to know the background i.e., the reason(s) for this question.



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    One out of four Americans are in prison for non violent crimes. That's over 9 million folks. Get caught with $30 worth of pot, that 12 years in prison for a 1st time offender. When judges own prisons no one is safe! Police have to meet their quota, they hunt victims! You may be next! I have researched this, this is a fact and it's getting worse.

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    We had a police state here about 40 yrs ago.One man had absolute control over the police force.He gave them the power to arrest any public gathering of more than 3 or 4 people & gave the police the power to enter your home without a warrant or even probable cause.We got rid of him & things quietened down.I don't know whether the cops are out of control in the USA but we do hear of some strange goings on.The Rodney King incident for one.Maybe the cops need better screening before they are given the job.


    Tom its a nightmare and a big coverup. The internet is blowing the lid off of it now. Watch some of the news reports, it's insane.

    No. I think that they are pretty much in control.



    Amen...think of the mayhem without the police force!
    99% of police officers are decent, dedicated people.
    Of course we only hear about the 1% of nutbars.

    In some cases, yes. They must have had a bad day........


    Then everyday is a bad day. Look above.

    Hi Daisy, I would suggest that you walk a beat in their shoes on a night shift, in a crime infested area of a large city.  Get back to us, and think of the risks and stressors of their jobs.  It is not as we see it on television.  I have had friends who were inner-city police on vice and undercover drug officers, I would not want their jobs for all the tea in China! 

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    As I said to Figtree the other day, under his post,

    most Police are decent people and here is just 

    one small example.


    The more the public is aware of police activity the better. If it were all publicly available on the net to anyone without a record of offence…I think they would be respected more and there would not be any felonious assaults by police. Remember when Santa would know if you were bad or good? If everyone knows…..   


    Daisy, Obama has posted 140 executive orders in 4 years. A complete list for Obama and all those before him are at:

    I remember the old days, some people cannot handle power without abusing it. I think they should choose their law enforcement agents wisely. Not just fill a post. Since some judges own prisons, it has become a business to imprison. Look at Louisianan, prisons are their number one resource.
    If things aren't so bad, (with the government and police state) why are all 50 state trying to secede from the Union? They have a total of 863,536 petition signers. Several states have their 25,000 signers and are waiting for and answer. Do not be surprised is civil war doesn't break out. The gov is preparing for it, so are many citizens. On Black Friday more guns and bullets have been bought than in history. People are pissed. I have not stated much of how I feel, just what is happening. FDR wrote 11 executive orders in 10 years.Obama has written 925 in 3 1/2 years. The man is insane. That is my opinion.

    No, considering the filth and evil that they are confronted with on a daily basis it is a wonder that they are as disciplined as they are. I couldn't do what they do and hold my temper. I admire them.

    Some are. I got pulled over for going 73 in a 70. She let me go with a warning.

    As compared to which other law enforcement units and where?  This is not an institution where perfection is possible and neither is any other human institution. The best we can do is employ constant vigilence in order to maintain a high level of quality. I don't think that they're out of control because if they were things would be even more chaotic than they already are. I submit that the police don't have any greater internal  control problems now then they ever did. I think a lot of it is simply technology. News is communicated to us now at a constant rate and instantaneously. The population has increased immensely and as a result so has the size of law enforcement and this makes it seem to be an increasing problem, but on a percentage basis its probably close to what it's always been. As far as some of the comments about how many people are in prison, thats a matter of politics and law, not law enforcement.

    I think that what we really need to worry about is the constant and insidious, but very subtle encroachment of technology into police surveilance. Cameras are everywhere, authorities want to use drone aircraft to monitor our movements, sometimes cell phone gps is used now to observe us. Then in order to expedite matters the authorities want to circumvent the system by getting warrents later. I'm sure that most of the time this is an honest attempt to rapidly respond to criminal activity, but its the subtle things you must watch out for because they creep up on you until its too late.

    i KNOW BEING A COP MUST BE HARD. BUT THERE ARE MANY WHO THINK THEY ARE UNTOUCHABLE . Its sad to see how bad some things have gotten

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