Sometime i doubt god's existence. And i don't know if this is good or bad and if there is hell or heaven.

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    I've had the same doubts at times. I found the answer is in continuous prayer.



    God exists.  He expects us to have our doubts (He did  give us our brains).  It is a matter of faith- and at times everyone struggles with having faith.

    Give God the pain and sorrow, give him the guilt you feel.
    Tears and heartaches come to all of us.n They are part of living, but Jesus Christ can ease the heartache.
    Remember, you are not alone, many are in Gods waiting room for what seems forever, learning lessons, suffering pain and growing.
    But the fertilizer that helps us grow is in those valleys, not on the mountaintops.


    Very profound thoughts, Ann.

    Doubts are a part of life, faith is the only answer. I carry a stone given to me. Every time I touch it, I count a blessing. It works for me......

    I never doubt God's existence, but it is difficult for me to understand.  FOR SURE, I know that I feel better and life seems more pleasant when I spend time reading my Bible or a faith-based book.  Prayer always works for me, not that my prayers are being answered immediately. 
    Sometimes the hardest thing is to put "it" in God's hands.  My son was supposed to be sentenced today (for up to 4 years+).  As I drove to the court, I could only ask that the judge's words reflect what God wants for my son.  The judge gave him consecutive sentences and denied him drug rehab, but then an issue came up that caused the judge to delay the sentencing til mid December.  It is still possible my son may not go to prison.  

    I'll keep praying, though I've heard that one prayer is all that is necessary, as God hears us the first time (unlike us, who often must be told repeatedly the simplest things).

    When in doubt, pick up your Bible and pray.  You have been given some seriously amazing answers and advice and I hope you will consider their words very carefully and sincerely.

    It isn't a bad thing to question; keep an open mind and be true to yourself. 

    To each their own either you do or you don't  I donot try to sway opinion either way to me thats a personel issue  you and only you can address.

    Having doubts in Gods existence is because you are lacking the Truth, As a Christian you should study and read His word DAILY.  It i bad that you think that God doesn't exists because in The Bible it says that He is The Way The Truth and The LIFE. If there is a Heaven then there must be a Hell, same as if there is Good, then there is definitely Bad.

      Take this as a Encouragement; x

      On a beach at sunset, the woman who I love asked me quite pointedly: “How much do you love me?” I was stunned by the question, my mind reeled and I was muttering that she had asked me such a question ‘how much do you love me’, what a question…asking for an answer to a quality measured in a volume…absurd. So I pleaded to God of an answer. And He said, 'ask that for yourself. '  

      'Ask for yourself.’ Once again baffled and confused with the problem of how to ask her question to God for myself. Then I remembered and asked God for myself…”How much do you love me?

    ” We were walking together on the beach at sunset and she had just asked me ‘How much do you love me?” I reached down and picked up sand with my hand to let it slowly release from my hand…the words were not my own..

    “Were Love expressed as grains of sand, my love for you would be a beach extending to encompass the Grand Universe reflecting in the waters here. Across that sea a thousand ships would come to you bearing treasuries of my love for you and within that sea a million isles like Paradise would await your visit there…were love expressed as grains of sand." 

    Ask God for yourself.

    Well, unlike most of these good people I do doubt gods existence. While it's impossible to state with certainty that god doesn't exist because you can't prove a negative, in my opinion, most of the evidence is overwhelmingly against him. But, don't accept my opinion, study for yourself and make up your own mind. My younger brothers death started me reading and studing about this subject and asking questions. The most common response was, "you must have faith" which I think is the most  idiotic statement ever uttered. What they're saying is "well, I don't have  a clue, but take this arbitrary response and accept it as fact." And if god doesn't exist then neither do heaven or hell. Decide for yourself.

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