Can you explain Obama care?

    Someone asked me how I liked it and I kinda stood stunned and mumbled. Anybody have an easy explanation? 

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    NOBODY understands or knows everything about Obamacare, not even the people who wrote the 2000 some pages that comprise this law. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying, "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it"? O.K., it passed (barelyand and with much arm twisting)., but there is still a lot we will find out later. There are fees, penalties, taxes, caps and requirements that we will only know when somebody decides to enforce them. Everyone must have insurance by 2014 or pay a fine, but we don't know yet what kind of insurance we will be offered. Or how much it will cost! A number of states are refusing to go along with Obamacare as planned. The supreme court specifically granted them permission to do that.

    States are doing that because they know that most federal funds, no matter how helpful they sound, after the first year or two, become almost impossibly expensive for state budgets. The government gives nothing without strings attached..lots of them. Many states are nearly bankrupt already. Insurance will still be offered to residents of states that refuse to participate, however, and the federal government will bear the cost. Not to worry. No one will have to go without health insurance. The quality of health care, however, will most assuredly decline for everyone.



    dosmo70: Thank you for your answer. It helped.

    We have fairly good health insurance and can’t imagine not having it.

    Our current problem is no dental insurance. Our dental bills will be terrible. I wonder if Obama care addresses this issue. We didn’t buy dental insurance because it was VERY expensive.

    it is simple . push the US into bankruptsy then watch the FRB colaps . then print up money and return the power to its original form.

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