do you believe there's a heaven?

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    I believe in existence after the fact, does this make sense?


    yes it does

    I'm counting on it. 
    Many people have reported being transported to what is perceived to be Heaven in what we call "near death" experiences.  I know two people who have had this experience; each was unique, but the similarities were unmistakable. 


    bob,its hard to tell the difference between a dream state and a actual event in such cases.

    I wouldn't know. The people I'm referring to actually went "code blue". I believe them.

    Yes I do. The old order will pass away and there will be no more pain and suffering.


    Jesus said that about 2,000 years ago and we are still waiting.

    its a nice idea ,i wonder at the reality of it.

    Nom, I have faith in God and it says in Revelation 21:30, John is shown the new Jerusalem in all its Glory and there will never be night again.
    There is no timeline that tells us when this will happen. But happen it will.

    i respect your belief ann but i am a sceptic .

    Ann, see Matt 4:17 when Jesus said the kingdom of God was very close at hand, and would come into being within the lifetime of those around Him, Mark 9:1. He said people 'should sell all they have' Luke 18:22. Also see Matt 12:46-50 when He suggested neglecting His family in spite of their importance in Jewish culture.

    bowsley, You have the the right to be a sceptic.
    As for me, I am a believer.

    Nom, the Bible is not easy to understand sometimes. My personal belief however is, that we are in end times. The signs are hard to ignore.

    ann i prefer to view it as times of change rather than end times.

    There is I believe a higher level but that beyond my understanding.

    i personally dont believe in heaven or hell but this does not mean you need disregard the concept of both.

    Yes Indeed I do..It's getting their that's the hard part..


    i know what you mean.

    I would like to believe there is a Heaven, but I have my doubts.


    Yeah there is because no one can prof the isnt one

    If i was to believe there was no Heaven,, then there would be no reason to follow rules that would make me a better person.. and i would never believe in the rules made by man..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    Sim O Ceu Começa dentro de Nos Com Deus Um Ceu Sem Ele Um Inferno,por isto as pessoas falam o meu lar esta um inferno ou o meu lar esta um Ceu.

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