what to feed a kid when they have a stumic bug

    what to feed a kid when they have a stumic  bug

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    Plenty of water, and maybe a little dry toast if they can manage it. water is most important.

    ?Cause of "Stomach bug"?...Push fluids to maintain hydration..diarrhea?..vomiting?..?abdominal pain..high temperature?..As Colleen says we need facts...You are never wasting a Dr`s time by checking a child out if you have any anxieties!...(d and v can easily lead to dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance which can be serious in itself..patient may require medication ..which can be obtained over the counter from your pharmacist...check with pharmacist or G.P.for advice re this..Nb..I am in no way prescribing or diagnosing your child`s illness..just concern)!


    Stomach. Is this kid yours? You are the parent? Has the kid been seen by a doctor? How old is the kid? Chicken broth is all that comes to mind right now. 

    How do you know that it's just a stumic (stomach) bug?

    My Dr always recommends the BRAT diet until child feel better (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). My DD likes applesauce so it's not too hard for us. I also give her animal crackers (the Trader Joes kind, not very fatty or sweet - more like a plain cracker) and plain pasta.But most the maintain fluid diet only thanks!!!! 

    Nothing, as long as they are drinking plenty of fluids, dont worry.

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