Should I start buying organic food?

    I read many relevant articles and it made me confused... That's why I have decided to try to leverage the wisdom of the crowd and see what is the majority opinion. I found a cool site, called shouldo, that helps to in such problems.
    So, I would really appreciate if you can answer me here:

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    Thanks :-)

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    To answer your question- Yes (if you can afford it) you shuld eat organic foods especially fruits and veggies (although fruits like pineapple and melons have such dense skins that the actual fruit part that you eat id protected from all of the pesticides they spray on them,  ANd while you're at eat free range meat...and if yu can find it free range organic milk.

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    i would buy it, but i believe you can still eat what you want while having some form of exersise like push-ups a few days a week

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