Has Obama ordered the construction of detention camps in the US?

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    Check this out >

    Obama did not order the construction of them as they've been in existence for decades now. Bush ordered them to be stocked and to have all generators turned on and body bags were shipped in by the thousands. Obama only has to give the order now to have any civilians who act out against his policies and his regime arrested and placed in these American death camps. Welcome to Obama's world where he and his administration dictate how Americans shall live and where all rights get removed from the people. The US Constitution is no more. God bless the Messiah, the hero of the far left and the hero of the socialists who believe the rich should take care of the poor. Enjoy your win Obama supporters. This is where you have led all the people. I bet you get a cushy cell in his death camps. 


    Maybe all of us US akaers will end up in the same camp. All aboard the FEMA train...

    Not me. I hear FEMA and I run the other way.

    LOL- it was a joke!

    Not mine. Not joke.

    Obama, July 2, Colorado Springs, CO: [As] president I will expand AmeriCorps to 250,000 slots [from 75,000] and make that increased service a vehicle to meet national goals, like providing health care and education, saving our planet and restoring our standing in the world, so that citizens see their effort connected to a common purpose.

    People of all ages, stations and skills will be asked to serve. Because when it comes to the challenges we face, the American people are not the problem – they are the answer. So we are going to send more college graduates to teach and mentor our young people. We’ll call on Americans to join an energy corps, to conduct renewable energy and environmental clean-up projects in their neighborhoods all across the country.

    We will enlist our veterans to find jobs and support for other vets, and to be there for our military families. And we’re going to grow our Foreign Service, open consulates that have been shuttered and double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011 to renew our diplomacy. We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.

    We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. We need to use technology to connect people to service. We’ll expand USA Freedom Corps to create online networks where American can browse opportunities to volunteer. You’ll be able to search by category, time commitment and skill sets. You’ll be able to rate service opportunities, build service networks, and create your own service pages to track your hours and activities.

    This will empower more Americans to craft their own service agenda and make their own change from the bottom up.

    Does that sound like a force that could kick down your door in the middle of the night and haul you off to a Gulag or concentration camp? You decide.

    – Brooks Jackson Posted at



    Coming from the same guy who did not know that a video tape did not cause the deaths of 4 Americans abroad. Yes he is very trustworthy...NOT

    RG. Who is going to pay for all this? We are broke and going the way of Europe.Nice dream with a rude awakening.

    I did not say that I agree with what Obama said, I poster what was said.
    Go there if you think the quotation is wrong. As far as plans, claims, beliefs, denials, tomorrow and yesterday go, they are all the stuff of fantasy land. Now is the only time there is. So interpret the past anyway you like and project the future of your own failures…no one owns tomorrow so get real.
    Money continues to multiply and reflect diminishing value. If that continues, a wheel-barrow load of paper slips will be required to buy bread. Now, is where we are. Now is safe enough for me.

    Obama owns tomorrow. Living just for now leaves you at his mercy in the future. I will live for the future of all and try to stop the mad man.

    I don’t worry about money because I have learned how to live without it. The government seems to be continually engaged in hand-wringing over money issues…stripping away pennies for a scream, flushing money all over issues that the public is ready to go to war over and yet, less than .005% of the public actually benefit. Big money deals always makes fraud and misappropriation attractive to those who secretly or openly would sell their own mother’s body before a funeral. What??? Me worry?! We are broke. We live in Cloud Economics and the lightening is loud and scary .

    What about rights? Do you care that more and more of our rights are being removed? Do you care about much at all?

    What rights are being removed ? Is it a fact? If I didn’t care I would just read other people’s opinion and would not contribute my view. Politicians talk in double-talk as long as we believe they do. Beliefs and denials filter and redirect terms to protect and uphold beliefs and denials. It is always a personal choice for the children of God (YOU) to choose, for your own viewing interest, what you see in a life event…and I do care very much what other people think to write about.

    Our right to privacy for one. Wire taps by the government are legal now. They can listen in on our phones calls. The right to not be searched like a common prisoner at airports. Strip searches are an invasion of privacy but it happens at airports with no justifiable reason. The right to choose if we want health care or not and the right to say no to Obama care. The right to demonstrate within a reasonable distance to voice our concerns to a public figure. This is a right in the Constitution because our fore fathers felt it was important for country leaders to hear what the people had to say. Open communication they called it. Now the demonstrators have to stand so far away, the public figure can not hear them. The right to an attorney should you be arrested and not immediately charged with a crime by government officials. They can hold you indefinitely just because they feel like it. Our right to bear arms is under threat of being removed. Where does it stop? How many rights must you lose before you finally feel affected? I don't think you're very aware or attached to what is really going on.

    Our system of government is wide open for protest and challenges of the constitutionality of recent enactments. There are huge flaws in governance that when realized publicly could bring us to civil war or self destruction as a nation. But anyone who knows what those flaws are would not and will not expose the public to those facts because of their effects on the relative peace, order and harmony of overall day to day events. So we see seemingly significant events that flare up but to evaporate. Many of these are distractions rather than on-point . Yes I am not curious enough to pull-up the hard ware or test our governments resolve to Wipe us all out. You are all welcome to conspiracy theories so if I choose to write very little or not at all on the subject that is my choice not yours. I prefer humor personally.

    I see what I see, I do not follow conspiracy theories. It's coming and it's a reality. It won't be long now before you see this nation rise up and fight this over bearing government. Even those on capitol hill know it's coming. Many have and will jump ship. Keep watching. It starts with Obama's lies unraveling. People are sick of the cover ups. He's not going to get away with Benghazi. Once that bursts open, then we should hear the truth about Bin Laden and the fact that the SEALS never took him out. Obama did not "get him" as he had already been dead for years. Keep your blinders on. It's OK. You live among Americans who are watching and know whats up. They will defend your right to live and to live free of a dictator and a corrupt government.

    Colleen, I love you. Time will tell how how this story goes…happily, I prey for.

    I am much more afraid of another global financial meltdown. There are no regulations on Wall Street  big banks and investment banks.
    Only if we bring back  the Glass-Steagall act will we be more secure.
    Even if there were detention camps, the government would not be able to control millions of people rioting in the streets.
    Wars too, that we are told are about our security,, are really about the super-rich making a fortune on wars and is really just about greed.
    There is no reason to trust our government, it is too corrupt.

    super man

    I think that this is absolute nonsense. I believe that this is a case of people that hate Obama looking for any excuse to hate him more, the same way that others did to George Bush. I do think that we need to be vigilent in order to protect our rights, but we Americans are an immense pain in the butt and this is just the quality necessary to protect those rights.

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